John Q. Ebert and Associates Consulting (E&A Consulting)
John Q. Ebert and Associates Consulting (E&A Consulting) 

John Q. Ebert and Associates Consulting (E&A Consulting)


E&A Consulting is a professional services entity comprised of property tax administration experts focused on proper, accurate, uniform property tax administration via accomplishing and demonstrating property tax equity.

We seek to discover and employ new technological developments to improve results and reduce costs in the accomplishment of proper, uniform, accurate, and publicly transparent property tax equalization.

E&A Consulting is led by John Q. Ebert and served by associated resources as appropriate to the challenge.  Our team of highly-skilled professionals is deeply experienced and exceptionally capable in Project Management and Facilities Management for Reassessment and Appraisal Technologies Integration.


The projects of E&A Consulting stem from major challenges and difficulties in large jurisdictions (Boston, Washington D.C., Cleveland, Toledo, etc.) in property tax appraisal and assessment administration...regarding matters of:


- Uniformity and accuracy of appraised values compared to market value... to the goal of LIKE values on LIKE properties in LIKE locations.


Short-term and long term recovery plans for jurisdictions especially affected by natural disaster and economic upheaval... including inner-city blighted residential and commercial structures and abandoned vacant land, as well as valuation loss to other properties in the same neighborhood or neighborhood group.


- Statutory and Professional Performance Compliance


- Performance and Budget Optimization


John Q. Ebert / CAMA Resources and Technologies / E&A Consulting Major Projects include:


Jackson County (Kansas City, Missouri) - Approximately 435,000 parcels. E&A Consulting is in the midst of a two-year contract to provide support and consulting services to the Jackson County, MO, Department of Assessment.


- Review, evaluation and report on county's pre-existing Commercial and Residential CAMA system.


- Resurrect key components and modules of the Commercial and Residential CAMA system.


- Provide management and staff training in the use of the pre-existing CAMA system, including the Replacement Cost Module, the Market Module(s) and Income Modules for use in the 2015 sexennial review of properties.


- Provide audit procedures for data collection, analysis and rectification for the triennial review process.


- Appraised Values Final Review of some 9,300 commercial/industrial and condominion properties, including Cost, Market, and Income valuation approaches. 


Cuyahoga County (Cleveland) Ohio - Approximately 550,000 parcels... Engaged to structure an integration of outsourced valuation services with an in-house real estate mass appraisal operation, along with advisory and support services including:


- Reappraisal performance audit review and report of the County's 2012 Reappraisal regarding statutory compliance, process compliance, and valuation results.


- Appraised Values Final Review of some 8,000 commercial/industrial properties, including Cost, Market, and Income valuation approaches. 


- Review, evaluation and report on the county's pre-existing CAMA system and


- Review, evaluation, and executive report on the proposals and presentations of the systems integration finalists for a new tax billing system and an integrated real property information system


Grand Rapids, Michigan - Under Michigan State Tax Commission mandate upon the City pursuant to its' 14 Point Review Order, in a twelve month project, developed and managed a Technology-Assisted Mass Appraisal of Residential Market Values for the City.


The project involved data conversion from and to the City's BS&A Equalizer CAMA system, remote data capture and desktop review of aerial photography, street-level photography, GIS parcel layers, and the City's Apex buildings perimeter sketches and labels.


Further, the project included sales/market data collection, land sizing, land rates development and application, ECF's development and application, neighborhoods delineation review, and valuation applications using the Michigan State Tax Commission Assessor's Manual.


Lucas County, OH – Approximately 250,000 parcels… Engaged to review and optimize the county’s Reappraisal according to Ohio Administrative Code and Tax Commission compliance. This project involved the implementation of a real-time fully interactive fully concurrent, integrated, real-time communications of field and office data, appraised values, photos, and Quality Control Center interaction.


State of West Virginia – Approximately 400,000 parcels across multiple counties… engaged to assist the West Virginia State Tax Department, pursuant to directive of the Legislature, to evaluate and report on the quality of property tax assessment in the State’s counties – including residential, commercial, and industrial classes of property. Scope of work includes Review of Land Valuation as to base rates and adjustment factors; Review of Neighborhood boundaries as to congruity and homogeneity; Review of Data Collection as to uniformity and accuracy; Review of Sold vs. Unsold Properties as to non-uniform treatment, ala sales-chasing; and an independent Sales Ratio Study. Prior and separately, was engaged by the State Tax Commission for the development and implementation of a Computer-Assisted Personal Property Appraisal System.


Nassau County, (Long Island) NY – Approximately 500,000 parcels… Commissioned by the County Commissioners and the County Assessor to evaluate and make recommendations for the completion of a court-ordered reappraisal: including valuation methodologies, CAMA systems utilization, regulatory compliance, and the development of an in-house valuation organization to best maintain ongoing equalization.


State of Wyoming – Approximately 300,000 parcels… Engaged by the bonding company to evaluate a failed state-wide reappraisal by a mass appraisal firm, then to negotiate a recovery plan with the State Attorney General and State Tax Commission, then to direct the completion of the statewide reappraisal.


Tarrant County (Ft. Worth) TX – Approximately 400,000 parcels…Engaged by the Central Appraisal District to implement and support a computer-assisted, market-value-based, real estate tax assessment system and management consultant for their countywide reappraisal.


Boston, MA – Approximately 250,000 parcels… Engaged by City Council to provide a computer assisted mass appraisal (CAMA) system, project consultation, planning, contractor monitoring, and public information services for a struggling city-wide reassessment (their first ever) triggered by a court-ordered reassessment to remove inequities in assessments amongst classes of property and amongst assessing jurisdictions.  During the project, developed and implemented the first street-level photography project/system and the first Desktop Review system incorporating aerial photography, street level photography, GIS, and CAMA.








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