John Q. Ebert and Associates Consulting (E&A Consulting)
John Q. Ebert and Associates Consulting (E&A Consulting) 

John Q. Ebert and Associates Consulting (E&A Consulting)


E&A Consulting is a professional services entity comprised of property tax administration experts focused on proper, accurate, uniform property tax administration via accomplishing and demonstrating property tax equity.

We seek to discover and employ new technological developments to improve results and reduce costs in the accomplishment of proper, uniform, accurate, and publicly transparent property tax equalization.

E&A Consulting is led by John Q. Ebert and served by associated resources as appropriate to the challenge.  Our team of highly-skilled professionals is deeply experienced and exceptionally capable in Project Management and Facilities Management for Reassessment and Appraisal Technologies Integration.


The projects of E&A Consulting stem from major challenges and difficulties in large jurisdictions or small  (States/ Provinces, Counties, and Cities) in property tax appraisal and assessment administration...regarding matters of:

  • Uniformity and accuracy of appraised values compared to market value... to the goal of LIKE values on LIKE properties in LIKE locations
  • Statutory and Professional Performance Compliance
  • Performance and Budget Optimization







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