John Q. Ebert and Associates Consulting (E&A Consulting)
John Q. Ebert and Associates Consulting (E&A Consulting) 

We are E&A Consulting... "Seeking Accuracy, Uniformity and Transparency in Property Data and Valuations"

E&A Consultants are experts in ad valorem property tax administration... especially in the detection and remediation of inaccurate and inequitable assessments.


Built around the experience of our principal consultant, John Q. Ebert, E&A Consulting is comprised of subject matter experts spanning the spectrum of computer-assisted-mass-appraisal (CAMA) processes and applied technologies.


E&A Consulting is NOT a reappraisal company.  Our focus is on review, evaluation and reporting on:


1. The true status of property data and appraised values, and their remediation.


2. The timely, full notification of impending appraised/assessed values to taxpayers and tax districts.


E&A Consulting expertise and services extend from project planning and budget optimization through projects management and assistance during the projects ... and forensic evaluations and testimony afterwards.


For us, the simple standard for uniform and accurate ad valorem assessments is ...  LIKE values on LIKE properties in LIKE locations.


This Simple Truth of LIKE values on LIKE properties in LIKE locations should be the guiding principle of property tax administration.  Simple Truth is our mission and pursuit.


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