John Q. Ebert and Associates Consulting (E&A Consulting)
John Q. Ebert and Associates Consulting (E&A Consulting) 


Our associates have made numerous presentations to national and regional IAAO conference attendees and to state and local assessment officials

  • Revaluation... The Difference Between Mess and Success
  • Reappraisal... Then and Now
  • CAMA... Computer Assisted or Computer "Agitated" Mass Appraisal
  • Reappraisal Art and Technology
  • The Art and Science of CAMA
  • The Essence of CAMA Data   
  • Land Valuation... From Zangerle to Now
  • Myths and Mistakes of Sales Ratio Analysis
  • Indirect vs. Direct Equalization
  • Multiple Regression Analysis – Practical Application and Methods
  • Comparable Properties vs. Comparable Sales
  • Proper Sales Verification
  • Sales Verification via the Internet
  • Identifying and Curing “Sales Chasing”
  • Equity Reference Values Development/Utilization
  • Real-Time, Interactive Field Processes
  • Desktop Review Perfected to “In the Field"
  • Cloud CAMA 
  • Holographics and Mechanical Turks


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