John Q. Ebert and Associates Consulting (E&A Consulting)
John Q. Ebert and Associates Consulting (E&A Consulting) 

E&A Consulting - Report Cards

We specialize in City, County and State/Province property tax admininistration issues -- from initial status, to remediation planning, to process monitoring, to results reporting, to forensic audit and reporting.


We look at property data and values in the client's jurisdiction and prepare a REPORT CARD of our findings. 


If you are satisfied that your processes, property data, and appraised values are accurate and uniform, you don't need our service... except perhaps to affirm your good status.


If however, you are not satisfied, or are unsure of the accuracy and uniformity of your property data and/or appraised values, you should contact us for a truly independent, unbiased, proper review and report.


Our observations and reporting are conducted and delivered in a fashion to be constructive rather than explosive.  Proper, accurate and equitable, property tax values is our goal and manner.


Call us today and get free advice on steps you can take.


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